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Mafia games - a journey through the gangster world

Browser mafia games are a guarantee of emotions at the highest level. You just need to be smart, so be a step further than your opponents. Among the free applications, you will find titles that mainly consist in eliminating your opponent. Know that a world full of gangsters and mafia connections will put you through many tests.

Driving simulator, shooter or maybe a card game? Although they have a common theme, each of them represents a different category. Thanks to this, you can easily find something for yourself. See how the individual titles differ and enter the world of mafia games. Remember that logical thinking counts above all, as well as your cunning - you don't need to have experience in similar games!

If you like racing cars, then mafia games in this climate should appeal to you. In Mafia Driver Vice Crime City, you have the opportunity to play the role of a gangster who returned from prison and now wants to regain his position in one of the Italian cities. This task is not that easy at all, because in the driving simulator you start from scratch. To climb to the top of the hierarchy pass all levels.

Gangster scores are also the leitmotif of Mafia Wars. This is an extremely addictive browser application from the world of shooters and action, in which you become an opponent of the mafia. In each level, you have to face a different boss of the corrupt organization. As you progress, you will have access to larger caliber weapons. However, manage the available ammunition wisely, because you do not know when you will need it most.

Mafia games are not only racing cars or arcade shooters. Among the titles you will also find a card offer - Mafia Poker. This is a classic form of Texas Holdem sports poker where players belong to mafia families and compete for the title of "cappo di tutti capi". You will be playing for high stakes and your only weapons are cards. Raise your bet, check your calls and say "pass" if necessary. Do you have the courage to fight against the greatest mafiosos?

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