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Knights - brave and brave heroes of stories (and games)

Do you want to experience an adventure in a historical atmosphere? Are you interested in gestures and legends in which brave knights appear? Browse the selection of games that include this theme and you will surely find something for yourself. Simple and fun or a bit more demanding games will take you into the world of interesting stories, and allow you to practice fitness, agility and reflexes online without leaving your home.

Knights and princesses are not only a popular theme - they are also the name of an interesting game that you can get hooked on. You choose the character you want to play. Note that this is a game for people over 13, so the manufacturer does not recommend offering it to younger children. Each character (male or female) has its own magical powers and special abilities. When you start the game, you'll receive careful instructions - where to go to collect, build or send something. There are a lot of challenges ahead of you!

In Crusader Defense, knights have to defend the castle territory. The daredevil set on the platform has to face the incoming enemies who want to invade the guarded area. Don't let them do it! Choose equipment and equip your character with weapons that will enable efficient actions in this area. When you're ready, click the action button to let intruders in and defend yourself against them. In the meantime, collect the coins that appear on the board - they may be useful later. Good luck!

aplikacja mobilna