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Kissing - An exciting romance game

Kissing games may not be as exciting as the activity itself (though probably not for everyone), but they can cause a lot of emotions. Romantic themes, extremely popular in various types of movies, series and novels, are liked for a reason - they are usually interesting threads that we follow with flushed faces. And how can you enjoy kissing on the screen in browser games? Browse the entire section (it's completely free for you) and you'll find out.

Kissing on the bed hardly sounds like something difficult or complicated - unless you're in an apartment full of curious family members or friends, and those in love are shy enough to be bothered by anyone's gaze. Therefore, you need to find the moment when the romantic activity is in place. Keep the toddler, old man and young people busy so that they can fully focus on their task. As a point and click game, Kissing on the Bed is operated using the cursor or the touch screen.

Kissing secretly at work is a challenge of a different caliber - you control two co-workers who are in love with each other, and you must be careful that your boss does not catch you romancing. However, he is a very busy person because he has a lot of things on his mind - and this is a phone, and this is an empty cup. Every time he turns around you can kiss and kiss each other! But be careful - if you get caught, your supervisor will throw you out of your job with a bang! Without getting discouraged, try to fill all the hearts at the top of the board with pink.

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