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Would you like to play something fun, not necessarily including a linguistic challenge? Here's something for you! A large section of games in Polish invites and tempts with a riot of colors. Here you will find both something to think about and suggestions that do not require any special effort, so you will only focus on relaxing clicking. Choose something for yourself!

Wood Block Puzzle is definitely something for those looking to relax in a perfect puzzle and order. If you are one of the people who love it and like challenges, be sure to check it out here. What's the fun about? You have a 10 × 10 board in front of you with a nice à la wooden design. You have to place blocks of various shapes on it, one by one appearing in the field. It is up to you to decide how they will be set up, but the goal is one - just like in Tetris, you have to create unbroken lines, except that they can appear vertically or horizontally. Remember to place the bricks carefully - otherwise you may run out of space and room for maneuver. In the event of a sudden blockage, there are still lifebuoys available, such as the elimination of a few obtrusive elements. The vertical interface also encourages playing on mobile devices. Have fun!

Aqua Blitz 2 is an old good match - your task is to combine at least three of the same elements, but try to combine also with 4- or 5-piece sets. Here, too, all instructions are in Polish, so the game is clear and all actions are obvious. As you go through the levels, you move around the underwater world, as if from the story of Ariel the mermaid. There are many surprises waiting for you on the route! Remember to unlock new treasure chests every day - maybe you'll get bonus beads or maybe extra points? Each board has a specific mission to complete - for example, capture a certain number of certain items. Can you complete them all?

aplikacja mobilna