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Horse racing - something for amateurs of horse riding

Do you like the excitement of riding a horse? Horse racing games are for you. Sports rivalry in an interesting form has been closed in simple browser games with intuitive rules. Usually, the horse is operated by means of arrows and other keys (for example, a space or individual letters from the keyboard). Test all the proposals in the series to choose your favorite.

In Horse Racing 2D, you traverse the racetrack as a skilled, majestic steed. Beautiful landscapes around you, matching the graphic advancement of this technology. Choose your horse's breed - you have to get along very well! Then saddle him and mount him, and the race starts in 3, 2, 1… Who will reach the finish first? Specialize in track races and win all competitions!

Online horse racing can also be found in the game called Horse Derby Racing. This is a proposition created by Unity that you can play alone or together with another person - then the aspect of direct competition will come to it, which will give you a bit of fun and adrenaline. Choose the perfect horse and then decide (or decide) where on the globe (and not just on Earth!) This time. To accelerate, use the left and right arrows (with multiplayer there are additional buttons for the opponent). Now, be the first to reach the finish line, it's a piece of cake!

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