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Hairdresser - games for real connoisseurs

Is your dream to become a star of the hairdressing scene in the future? Would you like to brush the stars in Hollywood or prepare fancy stylizations for the royal family themselves? Time for a little magic fun - games from the Hairdressing section will provide you with a portion of entertainment in climates that are close to your heart. See for yourself how well you can handle the challenges and if it is a task for you. And above all - have a great time finding a moment of relaxation for yourself!

In Funny Haircut you can prove yourself, but also many things can just… Go wrong. Meet Daisy, who has a unique opportunity ahead of her, and therefore needs help in creating an outfit for this important event. Start with the hair, of course - as a hairdresser (or hairdresser!) You must first wash the girl's hair, then blow-dry it and style it with special tools. Curlers and straighteners are at your disposal. Trimming ends or going all the way with an artistic undercut of curls? Or maybe a fringe? You decide! Later, you need to choose an outfit for your hairstyle, in which Daisy will suit her occasion, as well as jewelry, makeup and accessories. Great fun!

The next stage of the challenge is Princess New Look Haircut - in this game you take care of the head of the princess herself, so there is no room for any stumbles. Make sure Rapunzel is happy - she's definitely going to some important party!

Or maybe you want to find out how a pet hairdresser works? Funny Kitty Haircut is a free game where your task is to style a cat's fur. Sweet purring creatures come to you, and your tasks are, well, a bit different than with baby heads. For example, you need to start by getting rid of the fleas that hide between the hairs, then take care of the growth of the strands and then make them look beautiful. A bit of enthusiasm and an artistic vision will come in handy!

aplikacja mobilna