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Fortnite - stay last on the battlefield

Dynamics, adrenaline, emotions and a lot of fun - these are the features that characterize shooters intended exclusively for adults. Fortnite games are one of the proposals of this type. You play as a character taking part in a bloody and terrifying, merciless fight, and only a few will survive. Will it be you? Your life depends primarily on how efficiently you do, how smart and willing you are to fight. Arm yourself with calmness and good reflexes, and good fun is guaranteed!

Fortnite is a popular game all over the world, such as PUBG Pixel and PUBG Pixel 2. Choose a character from among the available (professional soldier, policeman, ordinary private worker and others), give her a name and get close enough that you don't want to leave her until the end of the game. When will it happen? As a rule, a single game lasts about 10 minutes, but only the most persistent remain on the battlefield until the last moments. Are you one of them? Check your skills and polish them by becoming a better player.

In Fortnite games, you sometimes have the opportunity to make a decision - do you prefer FPS (First Person Shooter) or maybe TPS (Third Person Shooter)? It depends on whether you see your player from the side or observe the world through his eyes. Regardless of your decision, get used to the weapons and use the arrows to move around. Act wisely and just defeat all your opponents. The living indicator on the right shows you how many people you still have to kill.

aplikacja mobilna