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Duck games - satisfying online entertainment

These cute, underrated farm animals like ducks often appear in various browser games. You will find them in various shooters, but not only. They can be used as the main theme or background for fun. For example, Duckling.io is an adorable game in the style of other well-known games like agar.io. Most of them involve catching smaller animals or other items and eating them, while in this case you move in the form of a duckling mother and ... save the chicks from oppression. Pick them up in front of a sailing ship or from a lonely water lily leaf.

Duckpark.io, in turn, is great fun for people who love water park simulators and other attractions in the style of an amusement park. As a little duckling, you move along the slide - do it fast enough to reach your destination in the shortest possible time, but at the same time carefully enough not to slip outside the frame. Collect bonuses along the way and collect points. Have fun!

The duck game is also the aforementioned classic, such as Duck Shooting. Fortunately, these are only virtual pictures! Habit, aim your weapon and fire at the right moment. Fallen birds are your trophies that guarantee you points and passes to more fun activities. Remember to take care of your ammunition and take into account that clever ducks start to move faster and faster over time. Test your reflexes and accurate eye!

aplikacja mobilna