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Crazy Games - nice free games in your browser

Do you have 15 minutes to spare and you have no idea how to manage them? Are you bored during a break at university, at school or at work? Crazy Games open their gates to you and invite you to a portion of great fun. Here you will find nice, good old classics and their modern interpretations. Which items from this section are definitely worth looking at?

Among Crazy Games there is Merge Fish - it is something for fans of pleasant puzzles. An empty board with square panels opens in front of you, which you will soon start filling with fish. You start with those described with low values, but you will quickly notice what the fun is about - two identical, placed next to each other, will merge and create another, with a nominal value higher by 1. This way you can have fun for a long time, discovering newer and newer species of fish and having fun doing it. Remember that stacking must be methodical, otherwise you will create a useless composition.

Move The Pin is another game you can discover in the Crazy Games section. What exactly is it about? As the title suggests, you have to move the needle, it is just a blockage in large containers. After removing this element, the balls locked inside are released and fall into the prepared container. In the beginning, you only need one move to succeed, but over time the challenge becomes more and more difficult - for example, you have to separate the colored balls from the gray ones. Can you handle it?

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