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Do you need to exert yourself and release negative emotions, and you don't want to destroy the space around you and hurt anyone? Buddy games can help you with this. Macabre entertainment in the form of bullying a puppet is something for people with really strong nerves. You can hit her, kick her and push her, earning valuable coins and points at the same time.

Due to the impact of the Buddha, he becomes weaker and more weak and depending on the option you choose, he bleeds or loses energy without blood. As your advancement level grows, you get new tools that make your blows even more effective. Sounds spooky? Yes it is! In this game, all holds are allowed. On the positive and reassuring side, the puppet is safe and sound again every time you go back to the beginning.

The games are based on a simple point and click mechanism, they require some dexterity and some reflexes, as well as a certain dose of… heartlessness. After all, the more you damage the Buddy, the more points you earn. Each version of Buddy games (Kick Buddy, Super Buddy etc.) has a slightly different scenery and different extras. There are many levels to complete, so it can be fun for hours. Thanks to the versions adapted to mobile devices, there is an option to play from a smartphone or tablet - for example, to release frustration when you wait in line to see the doctor and it does not decrease ...

aplikacja mobilna