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Violent games - something definitely not for kids

Would you like to live after a hard day at work or completely reset your head, for example after the exam session? Brutal games are worth your attention - among them you will find a number of attractive propositions that will allow you to defuse bad emotions, and at the same time bring a lot of satisfaction. Grab an imaginary weapon and deal with the bad guys or turn into a bloodthirsty animal and devour all characters that stand in your way!

Sniper 3D Gun Shooter is a very addictive sniper game (the label "brutal" is perfectly accurate in her case), where you play the role of a professional killer. You have a gun and precise data on the person to be hit. You move the tool with the arrow keys on the keyboard, the "Z" key means zoom, and the space bar is the shot. Be calm as a sniper should, and make no mistake - it can be devastating! However, if you hit the right person, brutal animation will reward you for your hardships.

Other violent games on the list are ones featuring a theme from Squid Game, a series from the popular streaming service. Red and green are a real bloody mess - you have various tasks ahead of you that the heroes of the show had to face, and to complete them, you will need your smarts, agility, reflexes and precision. Cutting biscuits or racing to the line in the style of "one, two, three, Baba Yaga is watching" (the title "red, green") are exciting proposals for people who like sports emotions, but also a lot of pressure.

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