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Who doesn't remember hours of playing blocks from childhood? Currently, computers can run one of the many browser block games. In addition to applications resembling traditional blocks (such as Lego or Duplo) for building multi-element structures available in a virtual room, some block games may surprise you with extraordinary rules.

Tetris and arkanoid games are known for a long time - actually since the creation of the first personal computers - games about blocks. In the first one, the player's task is to arrange the blocks falling from above in such a way that they form full, horizontal lines - this means destroying such a line. The road from the mentioned games combines the rules of ping-pong and popular balls (bubbles). The player moves at the bottom of the screen, trying to deflect the ball (it happens that there are more of them) so that by hitting it destroys the blocks in the upper part of the game window.

Browser block games, which can be played for free on OnlyGames, combine an arcade and strategic element - the player must plan the next moves in advance to pass the levels.

Football computer games are aimed at children, in which the team consists of animals and characters from fairy tales.

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