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Baseball games without leaving home

Do you like online sports games? Or maybe you are just a baseball fan? Whatever the reason, baseball games can be a really interesting proposition for you. It is true that not all of them are based on the classic rules of sport, but it's just fun. Run the browser version of fun on your computer, tablet or smartphone and spend pleasant moments of carefree fun. Choose your favorite version of the game from this category.

Super Baseball is something for those who want to practice reflexes and speed of reaction, as well as for those who just want to relax while having fun. You play the role of a baseball player standing with the appropriate equipment in the playing field. You have a helmet, a suit and a stick to play, so all you might be missing is skill. However, you will definitely learn the rules quickly - you play against various opponents, and the opponent's task is to throw the ball at you. You bounce it at the right moment to score as many points as possible. Easy to say but harder to do? See for yourself that you can handle it.

In turn, Extreme Baseball is a game completely abstractly referring to the rules of Baseball. Bounce the balls in such a way as to knock out your opponents and thus win. Thanks to this, you move to the next levels, your skills and respect in the local community grow. Baseball games, regardless of the type, are based on sportsmanship and adrenaline. They have a simple, easy-to-learn mechanism.

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