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Air Hockey is a browser sports game aimed at fans of winter sports. Compete with your opponent to score as many goals as possible. Move to the ice surface and see how dynamic this entertainment is. Remember that the puck is moving at high speed, the result of the match depends on your reflexes. Hit the puck then score goals; confuse the enemy.

Level up to improve your skills in this extremely dynamic gameplay. Air Hockey is a virtual version of the popular air hockey game. It is a kind of arcade game for two players. The field often resembles an ice sheet, and at the end of the field there are goals. The online version of Air Hockey brings to mind the version known from popular arcades, where opponents stand on both sides of the table. The stationary table has special holes through which air is blown, allowing the puck to slide on the surface. The Air Hockey arcade game is dedicated to players of all ages.

The rules of the game are very simple: just hit the puck towards the opponent. Browser games offer several game modes. Several difficulty levels can be selected; from easy to medium to hard. This allows you to adjust the mechanics to your skills, and this allows you to increase the level of gameplay over time. What Air Hockey is famous for is its simple control system. The touch and drag controls used make ice hockey a game that can be easily played on a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Each of the virtual air hockey games impresses with an eye-pleasing interface. Depending on the version, you can move to the sports ice surface known from the NHL ice rinks or enter the futuristic arena of the future.

How does Air Hockey play? It's fast fun for everyone. After the game starts, we move to a special table or platform, which is a playing field. The puck slides on the surface of the arena in the same way as during a stationary game of air hockey. The player's task is to score a goal against the opponent. The one who scores more wins. The puck is hit with special mushrooms that differ in color. The result of the game is indicated by the scoreboard, which at the end of the match will indicate the winner. The game is very dynamic and also allows you to confuse your opponent. It is enough to bounce the puck off the board to confuse the player and score a goal. This game is all about speed, agility and cunning.

The Air Hockey sports game is a great proposition for fans of arcade games. Do you like sports and competition? Compete against an online opponent or choose a difficulty level that suits your skills. Score as many goals as possible and beat the next levels. Remember that this title only seems easy. Already after the first game you will see that ice hockey requires a lot of commitment and skills. Find out why air hockey is so popular not only in the stationary version, but also in online games.

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