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The history of electronic games, initially played on slot machines and consoles, and later on computers, dates back several dozen years. Delving into it, we will find several milestones that immediately changed the computer entertainment market. The first significant event was the premiere of the game "Pong", considered the first application for entertainment only.

One of the most important achievements, which took place at the beginning of the 1980s, was the introduction of three-dimensional technology to the graphic design. However, the first 3D games were very simple and the player was transported to a world that was far from reality. Games using 3D graphics, however, were sensational and impressive, taking into account the level of technology at that time.

The first computer game titles with three-dimensional graphics that resulted in the mass replacement of computers with more efficient ones were Quake, Half-Life, or the first Need for Speed races. They initiated the real development of more and more realistic-looking games and a kind of arms race of their producers - each subsequent title delighted with novelties and improvements in graphics.

Fortunately, today you don't have to rush to the store for a new graphics card to enjoy the three-dimensional gameplay. 3D games are now also available in a web browser and can be run on any computer. Every fan of such gameplay will find something for themselves - 3D races, 3D shooters, or three-dimensional logic games and puzzles. Dozens of browser game titles

aplikacja mobilna