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Color games are the sum of many browser-based titles that combine to arrange elements by color. These rules mean very simple rules and quick gameplay. Successive levels can be achieved practically endlessly, gaining many points at the same time.

The first category of color games can be balls, also known as bubble shooter. The player's task is to shoot balls of a given color so that they merge with others of the same color. If at least three are in contact with each other, they will disappear.

Match 3 is another color online game. The player moves symbols of different colors around the board, and if three identical ones are in a line - as in the case of shooting bubbles - they will disappear.

The symbols that the player moves in the mentioned "Match 3" are usually colored diamonds and crystals.

Online color games always have very simple rules and intuitive controls - so they are also great for children or for other people less familiar with online browser games.

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