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Thinking games, puzzles and logic puzzles - these are categories of browser games very often chosen by users of all ages. Thanks to them, you can combine entertainment with exercising gray cells. The ability to combine and arrange cause-and-effect sequences is essential.

Browser puzzles, which can be found on OnlyGames.io, on the computer and mobile device, are also great entertainment for children. Most of these games have fabulous graphics, are brutality-free, and do not require complicated learning to use the game itself.

Mahjong is an example of a simple puzzle that has been around for hundreds of years. The player's task is to match the domino-like dice to each other. A mathematical puzzle is, for example, the well-known and popular sudoku game. This game is quite complicated and the player has to perform a lot of memory operations. The goal is to put numbers in all the boxes on the 9x9 board.

Fishing Online is an addictive browser game. The player solves puzzles to bring water to the fish. You have to lead the stream of water on the right path and defeat the enemies with yellow goo.

In the game Love Pins, we help a couple in love who are separated from each other. By moving the barriers between people in love, we bring them to meet and propose. Remember, however, that in some boards we will encounter various thugs who need to be killed so that they do not meet our heroes.

An interesting approach to puzzles, wrapped in a very colorful graphic design, is presented by the puzzle game - Butterfly Kyodai. The player connects the butterfly wings visible on the board in pairs so that the butterfly can fly away. However, you can only combine pairs of spaces that are on the same side of the board. Seemingly simple, but still difficult.