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7x7 Ultimate


O grze 7x7 Ultimate

In 7x7 Ultimate, someone has dropped some colorful confetti! The surroundings are colorful and picturesque, and the only snag is that it's your turn to clean up. Don't worry, you will definitely be able to do it, although the success of the mission will require cleverness and logical thinking. Play the 7x7 Ultimate browser game now, absolutely free on Game Planet, and no birthday party will surprise you anymore.

Rules of the 7x7 Ultimate game

The 7x7 Ultimate is an ideal proposition for people who like everything around to be arranged and in place. This puzzle game floods the player with colorful squares that appear randomly in different places on the board, causing quite a chaos.

The aim of the game in 7x7 Ultimate is to group all colors so that there are at least four of the same blocks in one row. Then the color string disappears, making room for new elements to appear. Each square can be moved freely on the board, in any direction, except that the selected object cannot be blocked by other colors. Each subsequent level becomes more and more difficult, and more and more multicolored blocks appear on the playing field at one time.

The 7x7 Ultimate game fails when all the fields are full of tiles and no more moves can be made. A great convenience is the ability to see which colors will appear on the board next, making it easier to plan your strategy.

Additionally, during the game it is possible to undo or redo the last move. Remember, however, that the number of such maneuvers is limited and must be used wisely. Test your wits and train your imagination with the 7x7 Ultimate browser game on Game Planet.

Features of the 7x7 Ultimate game:

  • The most colorful puzzle game on the web;
  • Addictive fun for hours;
  • Increasingly difficult challenges to overcome;
  • Perfect training of imagination and spatial thinking;
  • Simple, eye-catching graphics.

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