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If you think that the puzzles are aimed at the youngest children, you are right, but only partially. Some puzzles of this type can only be solved by the strongest minds!

The puzzle game may seem simple at first, but as you solve the problems as you progress through the levels, the gameplay can get more and more difficult. The more pieces, the more difficult the game becomes. Many browser games of this type require the player to stay within a certain time frame.

Composing simple puzzles that consist of fewer pieces can be great, quick fun. If the player catches the bug and tries his hand at arranging a picture consisting of several thousand elements - this activity will consume him for many hours, perhaps he will not be able to finish it without the help of other household members. Playing online puzzles - on a computer or in a mobile version - allows you to save the game, and sometimes - in multiplayer mode - to get help from other players.

Some puzzle games allow you to create your own puzzle. The player chooses his own photo and the number of elements into which the graphic will be divided. Friends and family may be surprised when you ask them to create such puzzles! Remember that these are free games, so the gameplay costs you nothing except time, and you should reserve this a bit because the puzzle game really draws you for a long time.

aplikacja mobilna