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O grze Witch Killer

A grey-haired monster slayer wearing a wolf medallion. Is that the witcher Geralt? No, he's the main character of "Witch Killer", a free-to-play arcade game where you can make good money running around and slaying monsters.

The Witch Killer game, reminiscent of a witcher, belongs to the popular genre of "endless runner", i.e. productions in which you run to the right and avoid obstacles. The situation is exactly the same here. The dark road leading through a dense forest is strewn with traps, holes in the ground, spikes nailed to wooden railings, pikes placed almost upright, various chests and, finally, the aforementioned monsters. It's not easy!

The hero is a strong witcher who runs alone and does not need any help. He maintains a steady pace, which means that any obstacles are helped by the player. There are three keys for this. The up arrow allows you to jump (once or twice) and thus avoid obstacles or, for example, get to a higher ledge. The down arrow allows you to perform a slide, which allows you to slip under the barriers or some opponents standing on legs. The latter can also be dealt with with the sword (space key).

During the run, it is worth collecting gold coins that allow you to buy facilities and bonuses for your witcher. From time to time, power-ups appear on the trail that give the hero additional opportunities and facilities. Just, they provide temporary immortality or double the number of coins collected. Sometimes you can also come across an extra life (resembles a flask straight from chemistry lessons), which is very useful, because in "Witch Killer" it is extremely easy to die.

And it's not worth dying for. Especially in Witch Killer! The game is addictive and has the advantage that the longer you play, the further you get. As a result, he tries again and again, breaking new records. And so the whole day of adventures with our nameless witcher passes unnoticed…

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