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Atari Missile Command


O grze Atari Missile Command

If Atari was hosted in your home in the 90s and you have sentimental memories of joyful moments with innovative games at the time, you will fall in love with Atari Missile Command after a few clicks. In front of you there is an almost unchanged version of the game from years ago. The gameplay will allow you to put yourself in the role of a general managing the defense of an urban agglomeration. You can use 3 strategically placed cannons with which you have to shoot down rockets, bombs, planes and drones trying to destroy 6 of your cities.

Atari Missile Command is entertainment for hours. A kept city is worth 100 points in each round, and unused missiles for 5. With success in subsequent battles, the multiplier of points increases, but you also have to take into account the accelerating ballistics of the enemy. The lost city does not end the game, and after scoring 10,000 points, one of the ruins will automatically rebuild. However, you cannot let all the colonies be destroyed, because it means immediate failure. It must not be allowed to happen, General! Place the best admirals in position and defend our people!


For every 10,000 points you will receive an additional city. When all the cities are destroyed, the game is over and you have to start over. Gradually, when you advance, you can get a points multiplier of x2 or even x3. For each city that survives, you get 100 points, and for each unused missile you get 5 points.

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